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3 Keys to Successful Off-Season Training

The end of the school year marks the start of a short, but very important, 12-week training period for area athletes. During this short training block,...

By: Jon Drees

10 Disgusting Things Athletes Have Tried to Get a Performance Edge

Some people will do anything to win—including really gross things. Even if you set aside obviously gross and illicit behaviors, like using drugs...

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How to Stay Hydrated When It's Hot and Humid

Keeping yourself hydrated is especially important when temperatures and humidity are sky high. Your athletic performance begins to be affected ...

By: Dr. Ingrid Kraus

12 Must-Know Hydration Rules for Athletes

Practice sessions for fall sports begin soon, right smack in the middle of the summer heat. Aside from preparing for the upcoming season and the ...

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Ask the Experts: Am I Drinking Too Much Water?

  Q: I feel like water is sloshing around in my stomach when I run. Am I drinking too much? Ugh! Nothing will bring your morning 5-miler to an end ...

By: Andy Haley