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USA Football Introduces 'Rookie Tackle' as a Logical Bridge Between Flag Football and 11-Man Tackle

The learning curve in tackle football can be quite steep. The rules can seem complex, the playbook can be dizzying and finding the right position c...

By: Brandon Hall

New Documentary Series 'Football for Life' Shows You What it Takes to Build a High School Football Powerhouse

If you've wanted an inside look at a high school football powerhouse, you've got to check out Football for Life. Produced by USA Football, Football fo...

By: Brandon Hall

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Lifting Form Is Even More Important Than You Think

Athletes in training typically think they are making progress when they use heavier weights. In fact, success is not measured by how much you can lift...

By: Rob Scott

The Shadowman: The Safest and Smartest Way to Practice Tackling

In football, poor tackling form causes countless serious injuries every single year. The only way to improve tackling technique is to perform ...

By: Brandon Hall

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Hacks to Perform Better in the Heat

Extreme heat can affect your body in ways you might not expect, and your performance can suffer as a result. Staying cool is necessary if you want...

By: Rob Scott