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Inside 'Raw Veganism': Is This Extreme Diet Worth the Effort?

Being a vegan is plenty tough. Not only does it mean you can't eat meat, you can't eat animal products such as butter, milk, eggs or cheese. Animal...

By: Brandon Hall

The Plant-Based Diet That Helped Venus Williams Overcome an Autoimmune Disorder

Venus Williams is a titan of women's tennis. The 36-year-old is currently ranked as the No. 17 singles player in the world. Considering the fac...

By: Brandon Hall

How I Maintain Muscle on a (Mostly) Plant-Based Diet

You mostly eat plants and you're building muscle? How do you get your protein? If you've been interested in trying a plant based diet, and you want to...

By: Ryan Bailey

Fast Food Calorie Bomb Causes LSU Receiver to Gain 30 Pounds

Well, if you needed any more proof of just how badly fast food can mess up your game, check out the story of LSU's Travin Dural. The wide receiver...

By: Cameron Fields

WNBA All-Star Kara Lawson's Simple Nutrition Advice Every Athlete Needs to Hear

For most people, going vegan sounds impossible. Not only do you have to ditch meat, but you also have to avoid all animal-related products. No ...

By: Brandon Hall