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How Paul George and Reggie Jackson Push Each Other to the Limit

Although the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers play in the same division, Paul George and Reggie Jackson are close friends off the court. Over ...

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14 Unique Vertimax Training Exercises That Build Speed

Vertimax training exercises have become a staple in performance centers across the country and have proven time and time again to be useful tools in...

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High School Football Dynasty Works Hard This Off-Season Using the VertiMax

The Katy (Texas) High School football team is working hard to win another state championship and extend its dynasty. The 6A Division 2 powerhouse ha...

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5 Ways to Get a Higher Vertical Jump

Combine season is here and man can these guys jump! Having a great vertical jump is not only a display of who can jump high it is also a display of...

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Plyometric Drills for Injury Prevention

Plyometric drills are an important aspect of a sports performance training program. A plyometric drill is quick, powerful movement using a prestretch,...

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