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Take Control of Your College Recruiting With the New RecruitU App

Tired of sifting through the 900-page college guidebooks? Although those books are extremely thorough and informative, they can be overwhelming and ...

J.J. Watt Flips a 1,000-Pound Truck Tire—30 Times

We've already shown you Peyton Manning's Bench Press With 80+ Pound Dumbbells and Mike Trout's Massive Box Jump. Well, J.J. Watt has taken the pr...

NFL Fans Can Now Share Highlights Via Twitter

A recent partnership between the NFL and Twitter finally allows socially minded fans to tweet NFL highlights and other videos, which are now avail...

Rumor Has It: Instagram Will Feature Video by This Thursday

Before you sign up for Vine and go through its tutorial on how to make six seconds of viral madness, you may want to wait until June 20 to see if th...

Jay-Z to Auction Off Brooklyn Nets Jerseys for Charity

Jay-Z will auction off limited edition Brooklyn Nets adidas jerseys to commemorate the opening of the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. (Se...

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Dwight Howard at Call of Duty's Friday Night Fights

In this video, NBA superstar Dwight Howard talks about playing Call of Duty. Howard is a part of Call of Duty's Friday Night Fights, and he provides tips for playing the franchise's multiplayer mode.

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