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Improve Reaction Time by Training in the Dark

Ever tried to jump up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night and run as fast as you can to the bathroom in someone else's house? Well, when you...

7 Athletes Who Had Monster Years Immediately After Getting LASIK

For an athlete, their eyes are everything. Vision is a gift, and it's one athletes simply cannot take for granted. It doesn't matter how strong...

Your Eyes Could Be Killing The Effectiveness of Your Training. Here's How to Fix It

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5 Tips to Improve Your Mental Game on the Football Field

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How a Set of Flashing Lights Is Revolutionizing the Way Elite Athletes Train

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The Importance of Vision and Reaction for Goalies

Joe Johnston, owner and operator of 1-to-1 Goaltending and J.S Giguere's goalie coach, discusses the importance of having sight and focus on the puck while it is in the defensive zone.

Adrian Peterson’s Best Athletic Attribute

Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson talks about using his best athletic attribute to find open holes on the field.

Ken Hamlin Nike Sensory Sports Training

In this football training video, Ken Hamlin, free safety for the Dallas Cowboys, performs Nike Sensory Sports Training with coaching by Lance Walker. This workout is part of Ken Hamlin’s off-season football performance training.

4 v 1 Drill With The Columbus Crew

Steve Tashjian, Columbus Crew strength and conditioning coach, discusses the defensive 4 v 1 drill used to sharpen up defensive speed and vision

One Handed Grab after Crappy throw and Tipped by the Corner

Jacob has great Vision and reaction thanks to YEARS of Martial Arts