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Olympic Beach Volleyball Player Lauren Fendrick Reveals How She's Preparing for the Rio Games

American women have dominated beach volleyball at the Olympics, winning Gold in the previous three quadrennial Games. However, with the retirement...

By: Andy Haley

Volleyball Players: Avoid Low Back Pain With This Stretching Technique

Sore low backs are common among volleyball players midway through the season. Despite their athleticism and dedicated training, many players suffe...

By: Tony Duckwall

Topical Gear Products for Volleyball Players and Female Athletes

It should come as no surprise that the Sports Injury Clinic reports a high injury rate among high school volleyball players. Volleyball is one of th...

By: Skyword

Hydration Guidelines for Volleyball Players

It's no secret that many factors go into molding a star athlete. Conditioning, strength training, practice, game play and competition are always the...

By: Skyword

Plyometric Exercises for Volleyball Players

Volleyball by its nature depends on quick and explosive movements. For that reason alone, plyometric exercises are especially valuable to volleyball...

By: Wray Watkins