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Beach Volleyball Legend Phil Dalhausser Reveals What His Job Is Actually Like

For the last decade, Phil Dalhausser has towered over the sport of beach volleyball. He's won at least one FIVB (international volleyball federatio...

By: Brandon Hall

Out of Vanuatu: Beach Volleyball Tips from the Pacific Islands

The island nation of the Republic of Vanuatu isn't what you would call an athletic hotbed. Located in the middle of the South Pacific, Vanuatu has a...

By: Lee Gordon

High School Boy Too Strong to Play Girls Volleyball

Some high school sports are gender-specific. Boys play football and girls play volleyball. But who says girls can't tackle and boys can't spike? Y...

By: SkywordNews

Develop Drop and Drive Defensive Movements for Volleyball

You're facing a towering attacker who is killing cross-court shots at an alarming rate. The only thing standing between her heat-seeking missiles and ...

By: Zac Clark

Tap Into Crucial Summer Training With Ball State Volleyball

Summer is the most important training time for female volleyball athletes, says Jason Roberson, strength and conditioning coordinator for Ball State U...

By: Zac Clark