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This Partner Workout Will Get You (and Your Partner) Strong and Jacked

Life is better when you have a workout partner. The drive to the gym is easier, you have somebody side by side who is going through the same torture....

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3 CrossFit WODs to Get in Shape Fast

CrossFit is perhaps one of the most talked about sports in the last couple of years, and as a result, it has yielded an explosion of gyms – known as...

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Epoch Lacrosse's Gen.5 Dragonfly Lax Stick

For the past decade, lacrosse has been one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and big names like STX, Harrow and Warrior have dominated the...

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Learn Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

The stock of women's lacrosse is rising. However, the sport's growing popularity makes the competition even fiercer among female athletes. If you want...

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9 Types of Drills to Make You a Better Ball Handler

In the early days of basketball, there was a lot more passing, cutting and ball movement. Today's style of play has changed all that. More often, yo...

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