If you haven't done a thorough warm-up, you can't perform at your peak. Properly warming up wakes the body up, gets your blood pumping and improves flexibility. STACK has warm-up tips and techniques from pro and college athletes and teams. Start your training session off right with a proper warm-up.

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4 Ways to Integrate Injury-Prevention Training Into Your Workouts

The goal and focus of working with athletes is to keep our best players strong and safe on the field, explosive and conditioned, ready to dominate every...

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Why a Workout Cooldown Is as Important as Warming Up

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Complete Shoulder Warm-Up for Strength and Stability

We've all been there before. You approach the bench and haphazardly warm up with the barbell, and immediately begin your set thereafter. Completely...

By: Dre Delos Santos

A Better Way to Warm Up With Heavy Weights

While foam rolling and dynamic warm-ups have become standard operating procedure for the modern athlete preparing for a lifting session, few trainees...

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How Vibration Training Improves Sports Performance and Health

Whole-body vibration training is making how we train more effective. Many pro teams and elite performance facilities employ this method with their...

By: Andy Haley

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Tom Koehler's Intense Dynamic Warm-Up for Pitchers

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler prepares for an off-season workout with a dynamic warm-up designed for pitchers.

Michael Carter-Williams Demonstrates Warm-Up Dribbling Drills

Milwaukee Bucks point guard Michael Carter-Williams demonstrates his favorite dribbling drills when preparing to take the court.

Ricky Rubio: The 5-Exercise Dynamic Warm-Up

Watch NBA star Ricky Rubio perform a warm-up for his workout.

The 7-Minute High-Intensity Dynamic Warm-Up

Ben Rossi of ATP Evolution shows you how to perform an intense pre-workout dynamic warm-up with four cones.

Elite Performance With Mike Boyle: Glute Activation With Mini Bands

In this episode of STACK Elite Performance, renowned performance coach Mike Boyle shows you three pre-workout glute activation exercises that ensure your glutes are engaged and working properly heading into heavier strength movements.