If you haven't done a thorough warm-up, you can't perform at your peak. Properly warming up wakes the body up, gets your blood pumping and improves flexibility. STACK has warm-up tips and techniques from pro and college athletes and teams. Start your training session off right with a proper warm-up.

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This Dynamic Warm-Up Will Get You Ready for Football Practices and Games

The Most Efficient Dynamic Warm Up Warming up and cooling down has been probably two of the most important things in creating elite athletes, outside of...

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How To Warm Up Properly For A Bike Race

Biking is not running, or basketball, or football. But all too often you see bikers doing their stretches, whether it's leg hurdles or touching your...

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The New Workout Warm-Up for Healthy Shoulders

Athletes' and the general clientele tend to perform pressing motions, which results in a strong upper backs and shoulders; however, they tend to...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

Why Elite Pro Athletes Warm Up Without Shoes—And Why You Should Too

Shoe companies spend millions of dollars designing footwear intended to enhance athletic performance. They all claim to help you run faster, jump ...

By: Brandon Hall

Perform Lying Cable Bicep Curls to Build Bigger Arms

When it comes to building muscle, it's not just what you do but also how you do it. You can do curls with heavy weight but it won't help much unless...

By: Roger Lockridge

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How José Bautista Warms Up For His Workouts

Six-time MLB All-Star José Bautista warms up his body and corrects imbalances before an intense workout with strength coach Ryan Bruggeman.

Tom Koehler's Intense Dynamic Warm-Up for Pitchers

Miami pitcher Tom Koehler prepares for an off-season workout with a dynamic warm-up designed for pitchers.

Michael Carter-Williams Demonstrates Warm-Up Dribbling Drills

Milwaukee Bucks point guard Michael Carter-Williams demonstrates his favorite dribbling drills when preparing to take the court.

Ricky Rubio: The 5-Exercise Dynamic Warm-Up

Watch NBA star Ricky Rubio perform a warm-up for his workout.

The 7-Minute High-Intensity Dynamic Warm-Up

Ben Rossi of ATP Evolution shows you how to perform an intense pre-workout dynamic warm-up with four cones.