If you haven't done a thorough warm-up, you can't perform at your peak. Properly warming up wakes the body up, gets your blood pumping and improves flexibility. STACK has warm-up tips and techniques from pro and college athletes and teams. Start your training session off right with a proper warm-up.

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How to Build the Perfect Swim Workout

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Can Static Stretching Improve Performance?

There are plenty of topics in the training world that carry strong opposing views. One of those is pre-training static stretching; athletes should AVOID...

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3 Principles for the Perfect Dynamic Warm-Up

Ever seen an athlete so eager to start a training program that they rush or completely ignore their warm-up? I've seen it many times – they "go through...

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Check Out Rob Gronkowski's Pre-Lift Warm-Up

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This Type of Stretching Will Screw Up Your Workout

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Try This NFL-Caliber Dynamic Warm-up with Chris Harris Jr.

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How J.J. Watt Prepares for Speed Workouts

Brad Arnett, J.J. Watt's strength coach, explains how to perform a movement prep warm-up that prevents injury and improves speed.

Warm Up With The Gronkowski Brothers

Ever wonder how the Gronkowski brothers warm up to crush the weight room? Check out our exclusive video.

The Houston Texans Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

The Houston Texans rookies perform a dynamic warm-up before an off-season strength workout under the watch of strength coach Craig Fitzgerald.