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Study Shows That Most Collegiate Athletes are Horribly Dehydrated

According to research on NCAA division I athletes the importance of hydration for athletes is still not being heard. Here are the full details. One of...

5 High-Tech Essentials for an Ultra Distance Bike Ride

Packing for ultra distance bike rides is almost harder than the ride itself. There is so much equipment that you think you need, but the idea of...

Can This 'Smart' Water Bottle Help You Lead a Healthier Life?

There's absolutely no doubt that being well-hydrated has a positive impact on nearly every aspect of your life. The human body is roughly 60-percen...

'The Mountain' From 'Game of Thrones' Has Dumbbell-Shaped Water Bottles That Promote Hydration and Strength

We've extensively covered the ridiculous feats of strength performed by strongman Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, who plays "The Mountain" on Game of ...

Sprinter Weight Training Program for Powerful Starts

Sprinter Weight Training Program for Powerful Starts By Jim Carpentier, CSCS In many sports, it's not how you start but how you finish. When it comes to...

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Sports dietician Leslie Bonci explains why it's a bad idea for athletes to try a crash diet.

Ndamukong Suh Hydro Training

Future NFL star Ndamukong Suh performs regenerative pool training at Michael Johnson Performance, while the director of performance, Lance Walker, explains the routine and benefits for Big Suh.

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Georgia Tech swimmer Johnny Hagaman talks about how his body has developed as his training evolved throughout his career.

Choosing to Swim and Study at Georgia Tech

Johnny Hagaman discusses his recruiting process and why he ultimately chose to extend his academic and athletic career at Georgia Tech.

Managing Time Between School and Swimming

Georgia Tech swimmer Johnny Hagaman talks about the importance of having good time management skills and how that can help you become a better student-athlete.