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This High-Tech Tool is Helping Athletes Get More Explosive

Training is typically about how much weight you can lift. Problem is, strength doesn't guarantee that you'll be a good athlete. No doubt it's import...

By: Andy Haley

Optimize Your Conditioning Workouts With the Humon Hex Oxygen Sensor

Most workout technology has been geared to endurance and conditioning training. First came the humble stopwatch. Then heart rate monitors. And more ...

By: Andy Haley

4 Tips for Training With Your Smartphone

If you exercise regularly, chances are that you have probably strapped your smartphone to listen to music at some point. You may have even texted your...

By: Gary Moller

Measuring Once Un-Measurable Workout Data, the Beast Sensor Takes Guesswork Out of Training

Every workout is different. Some days you feel like you can conquer anything, while others you feel like you're just trying to survive. In the...

By: Brandon Hall

The Fitness-Tracking Technology NBA Players Have Been Trying to Sneak on the Court

When you take the time to really look closely, it's amazing the NBA didn't notice it the moment Matthew Dellavedova stepped onto the court. Wrapped ...

By: Jordan Zirm