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Does Sled Training Actually Develop Core Strength?

Performing heavy sled training (drags and pushes) have been the commonality as of late to show the prowness of one's upper body, lower body and to some...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

3 Ways to Build Grip Strength for an Obstacle Course Race

In obstacle course racing(OCR) the first rule to training is building up your OCR grip strength. Each obstacle you face will work your grip to levels...

By: Joe Pepe

The Beginner's Guide to Strength Training

Walking into a gym for the first time can be quite intimidating. Strong lifters will be moving massive amounts of weight while you might have a hard t...

By: Andy Haley

How to Set Up the Perfect Group Workout

Program Design For The Small Group Customized Setting In this day and age randomized group classes, run around boot camps is a dying breed. These...

By: Dominic Frazier

Hip Thrust: The Most Important Exercise You're Not Doing

How to Hip Thrust for Maximal Performance There are four leg exercises that every athlete should be doing: Squats, Dead Lifts, and Bulgarian Split...

By: Chris Hitchko

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LeCharles Bentley on Hitting the Weight Room in High School

LeCharles Bentley, former NFL Pro Bowl center, talks about how he benefited from lifting weights during his high school career.

Ken Hamlin In-Season Performance Training

In this football training video, Ken Hamlin, free safety for the Dallas Cowboys, goes through an in-season strength and performance workout with coaching by Lance Walker. Ken Hamlin also talks about his training and football goals for the NFL season.

Hitting the Weights During the Wrestling Season

Josh Eidson, Indiana University strength and conditioning coordinator, talks about the importance of continuing your training throughout the wrestling season.

Josh Eidson on the Importance of Tracking Your Progress

Josh Eidson, Indiana University strength and conditioning coordinator, talks about the importance of keeping track of your progress in the weight room.

Indiana University Wrestling Manual Neck

The Indiana University wrestling squad performs Manual Neck with coaching by Josh Eidson.