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3 Steps to Improve Your Performance With Nutrition

Athletes' lives are crazy. Between practice, game, film room sessions, and everything else in between recovery doesn't happen by accident. This means...

By: Jeremy Dupont

3 Protein Myths Busted

Let me preface by saying that I love food. All food. Protein consumption is a favorite hobby of mine. This article is written from one protein...

By: Frank Romeo

3 Delicious Recovery Shakes That Help Build Muscle

Recovery shakes high in muscle building protein are an excellent choice for athletes after a hard workout or practice. Shakes can be made ahead of time...

By: Andrew Meyers

Are You Getting the Most From Your Protein Supplement?

The protein supplement is in the top five most used supplements in the United States, which means with their popularity comes a lot of profits to be...

By: Brian Pankau

What is Casein Protein?

Having the many options of various protein supplements can sometimes leave us lacking an understanding for the characteristics of a particular protein....

By: Michael Roddey

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Jason Stephens, Detour's director of product development, explains the value of consuming protein post-workout.

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