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5 Nutritionists Tell You How to Limit the Damage During Your Thanksgiving Meal

You're going to indulge on Thanksgiving. That's an undeniable fact. Heck, it's a national holiday whose main event is eating. And the food is delicio...

By: Andy Haley

4 Simple Nutrition Rules for Better Sports Performance and General Health

"What diet should I be doing, Justin?" I have been asked that question hundreds of time by dozens of different people. The answer has never changed. "It...

By: Justin Ochoa

How to Eat Well Anywhere (Even at School!)

School cafeterias are loaded with unhealthy options that can slow you down. And if you think opting for the vending machine is a better bet, t...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Fuel Your Body Before and After a Workout With Food, Not Supplements

My brother used to refer to himself as a well-oiled machine. I never really understood what he was talking about until I started to learn about the...

By: Alena Luciani

Denver Nuggets Strength Coach Steve Hess Explains How Basketball Players Should Eat

When it comes to the game of basketball at the highest competitive levels, it's much more than practice (place your Allen Iverson joke here). Basketball...

By: Roger Lockridge