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Lower-Body Workout For Wrestlers

From my experience as a college athlete and as a strength coach I am certain that lower body lifts are the most important for any athlete. Give this...

By: Ben Boudro

Core Exercises for Women

That moment when you choose to buy a magazine because there's a woman on the cover with your dream body. You struggle by doing hundreds of crunches and...

By: Veronique Perron

Coach For Fun and Results: 10 Youth Basketball Drills

When you drafted your roster line-up this season, you set a pretty high bar for yourself. How you choose to coach could either mold the next NBA s...

By: Kyle Ohman

Simple At-Home Workout for the Whole Core

Contrary to popular belief, working to strengthen the core does not mean trying to get a six-pack. The core consists of many other muscles that are ...

By: Giovanni Grassi

The 3 Pillars of Hockey Training

Elite hockey players share common approaches to their off-ice training. Take your workouts to the next level by learning the three pillars of hock...

By: Sean Cromarty

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Core Training with Brian Deegan

FMX rider Brian Deegan of the Metal Mulisha focuses on keeping a strong core by supersetting Windshield Wipers with a DB Bicycle Press exercise. Trainer Charles Dao explains the importance of exercises and how to perfom both movements.

UNC Men's Soccer Windshield Wipers

The Tar Heel men's soccer team performs Windshield Wipers as part of their core strength work during in-season training, with coaching by Greg Gatz, director of strength and conditioning for Olympic Sports at University of North Carolina.