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How You Can Use Autoregulation to Simplify Your Workouts

Most high school and amateur athletes aren't fortunate enough to work with a strength coach full time. This means that many athletes are forced to act...

By: Brian Carlson

Train Like an NFL Player This Off-Season

What does it take to play in the NFL? A lot of hard work ,dedication , talent and a desire to always get better. The Super Bowl ends one season and...

By: Rich Sadiv

60-Day Barbell Workout Program for Strength and Size

There's nothing quite as satisfying as the clatter of weights being loaded onto a barbell. If that is a sound that excites you right down to your core,...

By: Justin Ochoa

Workout Motivation Tips for More Productive Training Sessions in the New Year

Overcoming Excuses: Workout Motivation Tips for Continuous and Productive Training Throughout the New Year By Jim Carpentier, CSCS It's easy to make...

By: Jim Carpentier

Bandwagon Workouts: Fitness Fads Rise and Fall. Will CrossFit Suffer a Similar Fate?

In the early 90s, gimmicky workouts like 8-Minute Abs were all the rage. In 2003, P90X came along, promising a total-body transformation in only 9...

By: Andy Haley