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Chad Johnson Admits Using His Teammates' Urine to Help Deal With Ankle Sprains

Chad Johnson, the man formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, is an eccentric dude. He is probably known more for his touchdown celebrations than his actu...

By: Jordan Zirm

Why The Golden State Warriors Spend Hours Floating in Salt Water Every Other Week

The Golden State Warriors are 47-4, which is the type of record you usually can compile only while playing NBA 2K at the "rookie" difficulty leve...

By: Jordan Zirm

Are You Working Out Too Much?

Are You Working Out Too Much? By Jim Carpentier, CSCS With 2016 well underway, it's never too late for athletes and non-athletes to alter or make a new...

By: Jim Carpentier

Why You Shouldn't Ice After a Workout

If you step into any pro, college or even high school sports training facility, you'll likely see some exhausted athletes laying in a tub of ice after a...

By: Justin Ochoa

Ohio Machine's Kyle Harrison Offers Workout and Recovery Tips

A decade of playing lacrosse at the professional level has taught Kyle Harrison a thing or two about the right way to train. In a recent interview...

By: STACK Staff

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Path to the Pros Episode 5: Other Elements of Success

Weightlifting and field training are major parts of getting your body into perfect NFL shape, but other elements are also important. Watch as these NFL prospects learn about proper nutrition and spend time recovering.

STACK Fitness Weekly: Recover Faster With a Foam Roller

In this episode of STACK Fitness Weekly, learn foam rolling techniques that can help your body recover faster from workouts.

Chris "Macca' McCormack Talks Recovery

Chris "Macca" McCormack discusses his recovery routine and reveals why it's important to allow for recovery after competing in a triathlon.

What Your Body Feels Like After an Ironman

Hear 11-time Ironman champ Chris McCormack discuss recovering from an Ironman competition.

Liz Applegate on Optimizing the Recovery Process

Liz Applegate, Oakland Raiders team nutritionist and director of sports nutrition at U.C., Davis, explains how you can maximize the recovery process after training.