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How Your Body's Natural Schedule Affects Your Workouts

Keeping your body in tip top shape can require a certain level of planning. You should plan your meals, your workouts and your activity level - but...

By: Gary Moller

Fit Workouts Into Your Busy Schedule With These Tips

We're all busy and have many things going on. Eventually getting overwhelmed is a possibility and we might decide that something will just have to be...

By: Roger Lockridge

5 Easy Ways to Stay Consistent With Your Workouts

Making our workouts habitual and automatic is the holy grail of high performance fitness. After all, once you make working out a habit no longer do you...

By: Olivier Poirier-Leroy

How to Create a Workout Schedule

Celebrity fitness trainers love to throw out admonitions like, "there's no excuse for skipping a workout." Sometimes, though, you have a valid ex...

By: Skyword

Lower-Body Workout for Bigger and Stronger Legs

Nearly every sport is played on the feet, so athletes must have strong and powerful legs. Yet, many work their upper bodies three days a week and de...

By: Bill DeLongis