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How the L.A. Dodgers' Organic Eating Revolution Spurred Their World Series Run

The Los Angeles Dodgers are on the cusp of their first World Series title in nearly 30 years. Their 104-win regular season and rampage through the ...

By: Brandon Hall

The Psychological Issue Behind Jon Lester's Inability to Throw to First Base

Besides being known as one of the best pitchers in baseball, Cubs ace Jon Lester is known for his inability to throw to first base. He has a history...

By: Andy Haley

Cleveland Indians Closer Cody Allen Reveals His Secret to Handling Pressure

Cody Allen knows pressure. The Cleveland Indians closer made 10 tension-filled appearances during the 2016 MLB Playoffs. He got the job done ti...

By: Brandon Hall

After Winning the World Series, Cubs Centerfielder Dexter Fowler Is Having Trouble Adjusting To Normal Life

The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series, and centerfielder Dexter Fowler was a big part of Chicago's Game 7 victory. The 30-year-old hit a lead-off...

By: Rob Scott

In a Facebook Post, Braxton Miller Recalls the Day He Made Cubs OF Kyle Schwarber Quit Football

Chicago Cubs slugging outfiedler Kye Schwarber, who, as Jonah Keri so aptly put it, strongly resembles a fire hydrant, has been one helluva story ...

By: Jordan Zirm

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