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Check Out Steph Curry in 'NBA 2K16'

Our first look at gameplay in the forthcoming NBA 2K16 comes with a healthy dose of NBA champ Steph Curry. In an inspirational NBA 2K16 video t...

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'Ill-Gotten Gains, Part 2' Coming This Week for 'GTA V'

Los Santos is set to receive a second influx of luxury goods on July 8, when Rock Star releases the "Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part Two" for GTA V on ...

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TRAILER: 'Fallout 4' Coming to Xbox One, PS4

Bethesda has finally confirmed that Fallout 4 is in the works and on its way to retail shelves for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the d...

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VIDEO: 'FIFA 16' Will Include Women's Teams

For the first time in the series' history, the new edition of the FIFA video game will feature female soccer players and teams. IGN spoke with EA S...

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'NBA 2K16' Coming in September; Pre-Order Offers Early Access

NBA 2K16 will arrive on shelves Sept. 29. As in the past, the new edition will feature celebrity involvement. According to reports, award-winning d...

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Xbox Global Crew Event

Alex Cotton takes you on a tour of the newest features and latest games for Xbox 360 at an Xbox Global Crew Event.

2K Sports Jeff Thomas on NHL 2K9's Xbox Features

Jeff Thomas, Vice President of Sports Development and Visual Concepts for 2K Sports talks about the new Xbox features on NHL 2K9, while at the 2008 E3 Convention.