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This Yoga Routine Will Get You in Shape for Ski Season

Train The Way You Play: Mimic the Movement Sport Yoga is a functional fitness program that replicates the unique demands of a particular sport. This...

By: Patricia Akins

Is Yoga Safe For Everyone? New Study Offers the Answer

A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham is the first large-scale examination of yoga-related injuries. The findings? Yoga is r...

By: Brandon Hall

Add Warrior Poses to Your In-Season Training

More athletes are turning to yoga as part of their off-season conditioning. But what about during the season? Understandably, it's difficult to commit...

By: Dana Santas

Add Fun and Variety to Your Flexibility Routine With Sun Salutations

New drills, exercises, and advanced competitions: you practice all of them in your strength and conditioning training—and the variety helps your...

By: Robert Taylor

The Best Yoga Clothing for 2013

When it comes to choosing the right yoga wear, comfort is key along with looking good, of course. Be the envy of your yoga classes with some of my f...

By: Skyword