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A Nighttime Stretch Routine for Athletes

Your body is feeling a bit banged up from a tough lift or brutal practice where your coach decided to spend some extra time on conditioning. Or maybe ...

By: Andy Haley

The Single Best Yoga Pose For Recovery

If there's one point I would like you to think about and take away from this article discussing Savasana benefits, it's the following: STRESS ≠ REST: if...

By: Georges Dagher

In Hilarious New Peyton Manning Commercial, Gatorade Reminds Us We Have To 'Sweat It to Get It'

Photo: YouTube, Gatorade Gatorade recently released a series of hidden-camera commercials featuring Peyton Manning and Cam Newton preventing conv...

By: Brandon Hall

Add Fun and Variety to Your Flexibility Routine With Sun Salutations

New drills, exercises, and advanced competitions: you practice all of them in your strength and conditioning training—and the variety helps your...

By: Robert Taylor

The Best Yoga Clothing for 2013

When it comes to choosing the right yoga wear, comfort is key along with looking good, of course. Be the envy of your yoga classes with some of my f...

By: Skyword