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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Chronic Back Pain

Experiencing a little back pain after your last few workouts? You may have pulled a muscle or just pushed a little too hard during those last few reps,...

By: Anna Johansson

My Back Hurts When I Deadlift. What Am I Doing Wrong?

The Deadlift. It's a powerhouse of an exercise that enhances almost every aspect of athletic performance. If you want to be bigger, stronger and fa...

By: Brandon Hall

How LeBron James Takes Care of His Ailing Back

Here's a sight you don't see often. LeBron James, arguably the greatest physical specimen in NBA history, lying on the ground near the baseline wi...

By: Jordan Zirm

Joel Embiid Teaches You How Not to Eat When You're An Athlete

Once a standout at the University of Kansas, Joel Embiid has yet to play a single minute of NBA action. When the Philadelphia 76ers drafted him in...

By: Jordan Zirm

How NOT to Perform a Pull-Up (With Fixes)

Pull ups are one of the best upper body body weight exercises athletes can perform. They help strengthen your upper back, biceps, shoulders, and core;...

By: Andrew Meyers

Training Your Legs: Your Body's Greatest Untapped Resource

Since they comprise roughly 40 percent of your total weight, your legs are one of your body's greatest untapped resources. The leg itself is compose...

By: Chris Hitchko

Reduce Back Pain and Prevent Injuries With Post-Game Yoga

After a grueling session on the court, field or track, most athletes head straight for the showers. But the failure to stretch can cause muscle dama...

By: SkywordNews

Improving Your Throw-In Power Like Rory Delap

Nicknamed "The Human Slingshot," Rory Delap has made a living off his long, powerful throw-ins as a playmaker for Stoke City of the English Premier ...

By: Matt Siracusa

Building a Balanced Body for Golf

Even though golf is one-sided, you need to use a balanced, whole-body approach to training. If you don't, you'll have timing issues and lower bac...

By: STACK Staff