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How NBA Forward Otto Porter Got Hooked On 'Call of Duty'

Maybe it's the competition. Maybe it's the requirement for quick-twitch reflexes. Whatever the reason, this much is sure—professional athletes...

By: Brandon Hall

Malik Hooker Played 'Madden 17' as Himself Immediately After He Was Drafted by the Colts

Instead of attending the event in Philadelphia, former Ohio State safety Malik Hooker decided to watch the 2017 NFL Draft from home. RELATED: How Saf...

By: Rob Scott

Stephen Curry is So Freaking Good That You Can't Even Emulate Him in Video Games Anymore

If you missed Stephen Curry's performance last night, he not only tied the NBA record for 3-pointers in a game (12), he also broke the record for mo...

By: Jordan Zirm