DeSean Jackson Videos

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson might just be the fastest receiver in football. STACK shows you how Jackson crafts his game-breaking speed with workouts you can try on your own field or track, and gets you up close to Jackson in exclusive videos.

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All-Pro Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson Shows Off His Full-Body Strength and Speed Workout

DeSean Jackson shows some fancy footwork and demonstrates his full-body strength and speed routine during an off-season workout.

The Speed Drill That Set Up DeSean Jackson's 64-Yard Touchdown

Find out how Washington Redskins All-Pro receiver DeSean Jackson developed the incredible speed and explosiveness he used to fly past the Arizona Cardinals' secondary on his way to a 64-yard touchdown reception.

Speed Training With DeSean Jackson

NFL All-Pro DeSean Jackson refines his sprint technique during an off-season speed training workout, and also shares his secret for a fast and explosive start off the line.

Wide Receiver Separation With DeSean Jackson

For improved change of direction and acceleration skills, DeSean Jackson performs a Five-Cone Zigzag Drill before his daily route-running routine.

DeSean Jackson: United We Stand

Go inside the mind of DeSean Jackson with this in-depth interview with the Philadelphia Eagle. The electrifying All-Pro wide receiver shows us how he gets down in the off-season and introduces us to "Team Jackson."

Nike 7On Tournament 2010

Eight of the nation's premier high school football teams converge at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., for the annual 7On Tournament.

Nike Football: Prepare for Inspiration

The best in the business share the driving factors behind their inspiration for greatness both on and off the football field.