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Baseball Conditioning Gauntlet

September 12, 2011

Denny Locasclo, Sports and Field human performance specialist, demonstrates a conditioning gauntlet for baseball players with Justin Upton.

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Baseball Conditioning Gauntlet
Denny Locascio, Sports and Field human performance specialist, puts Justin Upton through a Conditioning Gauntlet to prepare him for the Major League season. Locascio explains how you can implement this drill into your athlete's conditioning program to develop baseball-specific conditioning and agility.
Goal: To improve conditioning and agility with a drill that forces your athletes to move forward, backward and laterally, mimicing the playing conditions of baseball. The results are improved endurance, agility and competitive drive to beat their opponent.
Coaching Points: - Line up six cones five yards apart - Have athlete perform shuffle-sprint, carioca-sprint, backpedal-sprint and sprint-sprint variations - Ensure athlete focuses on form and gets all the way to each cone on every rep - Have athlete perform with partner to add competitive element
Sets/Reps: 1x4 with 1:5 work-to-rest recovery




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