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Matthew Stafford Banded Loop Single-Leg Squat Thrust

September 19, 2011

In an off-season workout, Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford performs the Banded Loop Single-Leg Squat Thrust to improve his lower body and core strength, plus improve his balance.

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Matthew Stafford Banded Loop Single-Leg Squat Thrust
Matthew Stafford, a quarterback for the Detroit Lions, is performing a special leg squat thrust to strengthen his muscles to be standing on one leg. This exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles for balancing when throwing as a quarterback.
Anthony Diluglio: The second exercise we did was a bended loop single leg squat thrust where he's got one leg suspended, he lunges back, squat thrusts down to the ground, jumps forward, jumps that unsuspended leg back under his chest and stands. I always ask the guys how much time do we spend on one foot. And they say' we'll never man". No. 50 percent of the time if you walk or run you are on one foot 50 percent of the time. As an athlete it's even more than that.
So we train that way and we give them that confidence in standing and moving and changing planes on one leg and safely. Again, another exercise that he excels at and I think that's important for him to be able to move in those planes and have strength throughout his entire body and not just the plane of throwing the ball. To have confidence on one leg, if he's throwing a pass and he's getting hit at the same time, he can snap that ball fast enough and get it out of his hands, it could be a game for him.
Coaching point on that is getting that shin to be as vertical as possible when they lunge back, and when the squat, thrust back and come back into that lunge, you want to make sure that shin is as vertical as possible; no stress on the knee. We go 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off and we repeat that four times.
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