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Herschel Walker's MMA Workout

September 23, 2011

Former NFL All-Pro running back-turned-MMA fighter Herschel Walker performs a circuit-style workout at D1 Sports Training in Savannah, Ga. Watch the Herschel Walker workout exclusively at STACK.com.

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Herschel Walker's MMA Workout
Herschel Walker's workout at D1-Savannah is designed to improve his strength and conditioning as an MMA fighter. Exercises Walker performs in the circuit include:
Sidewinder Band Walks: Walker uses band resistance to perform Lateral and 45-Degree Band Walks
Sled Pulls: Part of Walker's hip activation warm-up series, used to prepare the lower-body for the demands of his conditioning workout
Dumbbell Vertical Series: With dumbbells, Walker performs a Hang Clean, Shoulder Press, RDL, Squat and Reverse Row
Med Ball Slams: Walker uses a lightweight med ball to improve his rotational power, a key performance element needed for MMA
Sledgehammer Slams: One of Walker's favorite exercises, used to enhance rotary power while mimicking the movement he executes during an MMA fight
Tire Flip With Plyo Hop: Used to develop full-body power and lower-body explosiveness
Plate Carries: This exercise incorporates elements of strength, speed and conditioning
Push-Ups: A longtime staple of Walker's legendary workouts, he performs Push-Ups for max reps at the end of the circuit




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