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Ben Watson's Power-Building Chest Workout

October 20, 2011

Using a circuit of unique exercises, Super Bowl Champion TE Ben Watson increases strength, power and stability with a mixture of dumbbells, resistance bands and kettlebells.

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Ben Watson's Power-Building Chest Workout
Super Bowl Champion, Ben Watson demonstrates his chest workout with help from Tim Slominsky, a trainer at Eupohria Health and Fitness. Through these exercises he helps increase strength, power and stability with a mixture of dumbbells, resistance bands and kettlebells.


Tim Slominsky (Euphoria Health and Fitness Trainer) After legs with Ben we move right into chest. What we do is incline bench press with the kettle bells and I just attach a band to it just for stability reasons. It just takes that stability away just like if you have a ball and someone tries to knock it out of your hand it's the same thing that weight is trying to do, it's trying to get away from you.

What I do is I put my arms on each side of the athletes head, just because when they extend their arms all the way the kettle bells will want to smack together and it will end up hitting him in the temples and it will hurt really bad. On the incline bench press we'll do anywhere from 12 to 15 and then we will get four sets. Everything we do is in four sets, they have four quarters in football, so we do four sets of everything.

We did flat bench press with Ben. We take a dumbbell as heavy as we can, we only have 90's here so obviously Ben is strong enough to handle 150, 160 pound dumbbell so I add resistance by using a resistance band and I just throw it on each dumbbell. The benefit of this exercise is if Ben lines up with a185 pound guy or a 300 pound guy he's able to get them out of the way. What I do so that the guy won't tear his rotators out is turn their hands in and turn them out at the top. So bring them back in and turn them out at the top. Just like mimicking if you're on the line and you're pushing off the player. We did the same thing, about 12 to 15 reps.

Then we do pushups. I just try to take stability away from everything on every exercise, I put a band and I hook it to two points, he goes in the middle and puts his feet in the air and it just takes that stability away. It's amazing the difference. It helps him, obviously, ball handling. It gives him the conditioning in the fourth quarter with two minutes left. Instead of him dropping the pass that could have won them the game, he can keep hold of that ball and win that game and be the hero. Just make sure their butt's high, you can put a string from their ear to their heals and if they stay on that string, they have perfect form. We get anywhere from 10 to 15 on that.





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