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Attack the Basket With Alec Burks' Spin Move

October 21, 2011

While at the 2011 adidas Rookie Orientation, NBA shooting guard Alec Burks demontrates how to properly perform a spin move when attacking the basket.

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Attack the Basket With Alec Burks' Spin Move
NBA shooting guard Alec Burk shows how to improve your game by working on your spin move. Alec goes through each aspect of the spin move to show how to get better.


Alec Burk: Hi this is Alec Burk. I'm from the Utah Jazz. I'm here at Adidas with the orientation and I'm about to give you some tips to get better at basketball to get to the next level. I do my spin move. The Alec Burk Spin move. First I'll rock you a little bit. Then I step with my left, going to the left, then I spin. I spin quick and keep it low and I'm going at you next step. That's all I do. Either way, right or left. That's a move I do to get into game speed, to get better. Just work on your spin move.




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