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Brandon Jennings DB Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press

November 1, 2011

Superstar point guard Brandon Jennings performs the Dumbbell Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press as part of his off-season training routine, with coaching by Nate Costa.

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Brandon Jennings DB Push-Up, Row, Reach, Press
Brandon Jennings is performing a DB push up, row, reach, press. He performs this to strengthen his shoulders and create more motion as he does that.


Nate Costa: We did a push up into a row into a reach, into a press. What that does for Brandon is it opens up the shoulder of the arm that's reaching and then the hand that's on the ground is all about stabilization. The main purpose of that exercise with him is for him to be able to stabilize his shoulder and rotate the hips as he moves through the opposite shoulder. On that complex we did a total of 16 reps, eight on each side in a row.
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