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Velocity NFL Combine Training: Bulgarian Split Squat

December 23, 2011

For enhanced acceleration for the 40-Yard Dash and other speed events, Velocity's 2011 NFL Combine athletes perform a Bulgarian Split Squat with coaching by Ken Vick, director of high performance at Velocity.

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Velocity NFL Combine Training: Bulgarian Split Squat
We use a lot of different types of exercises for the legs. One of those you saw today was the Bulgarian split squats. We want to build up that stability on a single leg. When you go into a cut, when you're accelerating your forty, you've got to have strength on each leg. So we're building up there.
Great job of recruiting everything through the glute, the hamstring, the quads and building up the core at the same time. We want to make sure guys have really good posture up tall. They push through their heel, they squeeze the glute on the way up, that's going to translate onto the field. They're doing a lot of things. So when they're doing a Bulgarian split squat we're going heavy, we're doing three to give reps anywhere from three to eight sets.




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