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Arizona Diamondbacks 3B Ryan Roberts' Long Toss Routine

January 25, 2012

Arizona Diamondbacks 3B Ryan Roberts demonstrates the Long Toss routine he uses to maintain his arm strength and improve his throwing accuracy.

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Arizona Diamondbacks 3B Ryan Roberts' Long Toss Routine
Major league baseball player Ryan Roberts goes through his baseball long toss routine. In order to throw far Ryan warms up before he practices his long throws.


Ryan Roberts( Arizona Diamondbacks): All I'm doing right now is trying to concentrate on getting my arm loose. My footwork isn't much right now because he's so close. I don't have to really worry about it too much. I try to keep some type of rhythm when I'm moving around just to keep the blood flow, keep my arms moving. You can go back a little bit.
I'm going to into my routine. My routine just basically means that he's at somewhat of a distance where now I have to put a little on it. So what I do is I replace my feet right to left, left foot to him, and I'm picking up his chest and I throw to his chest every time. So basically I'm trying to throw with my legs and just keeping everything in one motion towards him.
So replace my feet. I'm trying to throw his face, chest area the whole time. I'm not really worried about how hard I throw the ball as much as I want to not make him move. As for a set number, you want to get somewhat in a range of probably 10 throws each. 30, 60, 90, 120, I'm going to say somewhere around there. When you get to playing long toss, if he's back far, I want to follow my throw.
Basically what I do on the infield or anytime that I throw the ball into the outfield or anything, if they come up to catch the ball or I catch the ball here, after I replace my feet I want my momentum to take the ball so I can take the pressure off my arm. So I'm here and I want to follow the throw a little bit. That's basically it.




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