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Barbell Hip Thrust With Miami Marlins P Steve Cishek

February 9, 2012

In this baseball training video, Miami Marlins P Steve Cishek performs a Barbell Hip Thrust with coaching by Eric Cressey, president and co-founder of Cressey Performance.

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Barbell Hip Thrust With Miami Marlins P Steve Cishek
Steve Cishek performs the Barbell hip thrust to work the glutes and lower hamstrings. This exercise protects the hands for baseball but exercises the lower back and glutes successfully.


Eric Cressey: I like that for Steve. Sometimes it's a great way to load up that posterior chain and get a lot on glutes and some hamstring recruitment. We're not actually having guys holding heavy weights especially when you're getting to this time of year when they guys are throwing and its getting more and more particular. Believe it or not, if you do a lot of heavy lifting things like that it can actually tare up guys hands a little bit.
So we use that a fair amount. That's about as heavy as I will let a guy like Steve go with knowing how long his spine is and how tall he is overall. He certainly gets a run. Really the progression in some cases just add weight to a limited point but thereafter we'll just do it for a count of 2-1000 at the top and slow down on the tempo a little bit here and there as opposed to just trying to add weight, add weight, add weight.
Making sure you're moving through your hips and not your spine, so we want to make sure we're pushing through the heels and when he gets to the top we'll cue athletes to squeeze your glutes together, don't hyperextend your lower back. If you're feeling that ton in your hamstrings and low back you're doing it incorrectly. The goal is really just to use your glutes and keep everything out of the equation; anywhere from six to ten reps.




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