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Dynamic Core Tri-Set With Craig Kimbrel

March 12, 2012

In this baseball training video, MLB P Craig Kimbrel completes a Dynamic Core Movement Tri-Set, consisting of a Farmer's Carry, Bear Crawl and Crab Walk.

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Dynamic Core Tri-Set With Craig Kimbrel
Craig Kimbrel demonstrates how to strengthen his core to improve his baseball game. You need a strong core when throwing the baseball.


Dallas Terrell: We try to incorporate some of the basic movement patterns that you may do in a warm up and actually put it in the workout and tax there whole body. So one of the ways is I look at that it's kind of like doing three core exercises that are dynamic, that they have to be able to hold their body in a particular position while their limbs are doing something.

So, sometimes they carry dumbbells, sometimes they may carry plates. But they idea is making them have to keep their shoulders in a particular position, be able to exercise their hands while they're doing that, and then being able to push off the ground in a continuous fashion, as opposed to just standing there and doing calf raises.

So we go right from that to a basic crawling thing. You can just picture that being a moving push up. So when they're doing that, being able to keep their hips low, even when they're crawling they still have to keep their hips low, get the knee's into the body instead of letting the knee's go out which is the tendency. And then the crab crawl is an excellent hamstring exercise.

It looks like a little simple thing that doesn't really require much but when you really reach that heal out there and you feel your body get pulled by using your legs and using your hamstrings, that right there really makes those hamstrings really have to work hard. So we just try to take three things that we normally may do individually and we just put it together into a little tri-set to really tax their body.




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