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MLB P Craig Kimbrel Lateral Lunge/Slide Push-Out Combo

March 12, 2012

For improved explosiveness and flexibility in the hips, MLB P Craig Kimbrel performs a Lateral Lunge and Lateral Slide Push-Out combo with coaching by Dallas Terrell, head strength and speed coach at D1-Huntsville.

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MLB P Craig Kimbrel Lateral Lunge/Slide Push-Out Combo


Dallas Terrell: That's one of those dynamic things followed by, quote on quote, a functional thing. Sometimes with those lateral lunges we may have them stand in the same direction and going for a continuous 20-30 yards. Then sometimes we'll go alternating like that, but we follow it up with something that's going to tax them balance wise and flexibility wise.

That's one of those self-correcting things that keeps them in touch with what their hips should be doing when they're doing the eccentric phase of that lunge. So they're just now thinking I've got to step out here and step back. Now we want them to receive they're foot into the ground and then explode off of the ground.

So being in that lunge position and making them work both ways, I don't think it really does much to help them on their strong, but I think it helps with injury prevention on their weaker side. They type of injuries they're going to run into is just coming from one side of their body being stronger than the other. So it helps with that. And then again, with being able to push that plate out being able to pull it back, really it's a dynamic flexibility type thing. Three to four sets on that, eight to ten reps.




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