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Troy Tulowitzki: Overcoming Adversity With EvoShield

March 15, 2012

Troy Tulowitzki, shortstop for the Colorado Rockies, talks about his early memories of baseball and the motivation that brought him to the Big Leagues. He also explains the role EvoShield has played in keeping him injury free.

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Troy Tulowitzki: Overcoming Adversity With EvoShield
Troy Tulowitzki discusses why he wears the Evo Shield gear to protect himself in his baseball career. Troy has worked very hard and been injured in the past. So now Troy wears the Evo Shield to prevent losing time playing.
Troy Tulowitzki: I had dreams of being a big league ball player early on, as early as I can remember. You're not quite sure if you can get there. I'm a big shortstop. There was a lot of people that said " he will never be a shortstop in the big leagues, you might as well move him to third base." So there was not scouts really looking at me. Then I had a privilege to go to Long Beach State and that's really where I grew as a baseball player. I learned some valuable things that I still think about and still practice till this day.
When Baseball America released their early draft preview and they had me going in the first round, that's really the first time that I took a step back and looked and said wow, I came a long way from not being drafted in high school to working my but off, to now being in my junior year at Long Beach, projected to go in the first round.
Then the Rockies drafted me and everything's kind of history from there. Protection in the game of baseball is huge. Our game is to stay out there and play 162 games and hopefully make it to the post season. With that being said you have to protect yourself whether it be certain stretching things, protective gear, whatever you do to try and get you through that season. I was unlucky two years back to get hit in my wrist. I broke my wrist and I missed about a month and a half. So if I would have been wearing the right gear I would have stayed on the field. The items that are available to me that I incorporate now are wrist guard, by Evo Shield.
I always tape my wrist and it gives you that comfort feel of taping your wrist but also protects you at the same time; an elbow guard that feels like it's not even there yet it's protecting your elbow. A lot of guys where the leg guards because of foul balls off your shin. The other thing that's cool about these products is they not only protect you, they look cool.
We care about how we look and present ourselves. With the wrist guard, I don't always where it to protect myself. Some days I'm feeling like it looks pretty cool. They have all kinds of different colors now and same thing with the elbow guard. As a big league player we get all the cool elbow guards but those same elbow guards that are available to the big leaguers, kids can buy them at the store now, it's pretty neat. It's worth it to me if it keeps you on the field. It's not only going to help ourselves but help our team and at the end of the day who doesn't want to play baseball for a living.
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