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Path to the Pros 2012: Luke Kuechly

April 17, 2012

Elite instincts, prototypical size and exceptional football intelligence makes Luke Kuechly the most complete linebacker prospect in the 2012 NFL Draft.

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Path to the Pros 2012: Luke Kuechly
Luke Kuechly is training for the NFL Draft. Luke has to work on all aspects of his athleticism to prepare for the NFL.
Luke Kuechly: I'm Luke Kuechly from Boston College, I'm a linebacker and I'm getting ready for the NFL draft. There's a lot of stuff I can improve on athletically. A lot of flexibility work is key to staying healthy and I think it's something I've progressed on since I've been here. Now it's kind of getting into more football shape, more conditioning shape, more specific shape and that's kind of the focus now and they've got us doing more just volume and different things.
On the hill we just run. Instead of maybe three reps it's five, instead of five throws it's ten throws. It's just kind of increasing reps to kind of build that endurance. The thing especially right now, training for the NFL draft, it's important to have guys around you because I think it's more difficult to do things just solely by yourself but if you got guys around you they can push it makes things a little bit more manageable.
Ryan Tannehill: Luke's a great guy. He's a competitor, he works hard, you see him out here running routes and catching balls for me, not a lot of first round linebackers would be out there doing that for a quarterback. I think it just shows what kind of guy he is and a kind of team player he is as well as an athlete. He's really athletic and he's able to go out there and make plays.
Luke Kuechly: I think out here in the field working on just position drills, a couple drills that we need to make sure that we're comfortable with and we can be fluid, that's the important part of lineback evaluation and things. Being fluid and athletic (unintelligible) that's kind of what we've been working on out here.
They do a good job pushing us. I think they're very intelligent in what they do. They know what they want, they know how to get it done, they know how to teach it and it's able to kind of transition from their minds to my mind and I kind of get what they need to do. I need to work on form, work on explosion and kind of just even the small minute things help you out a little bit.
Well you know I started playing football in fourth grade and that's kind of when it started for me. It's always you grow up watching NFL football, college football and some of these things it's what can I do to get there and it's your dream. You catch the pass in your living room, five, four, three, two one, you catch the pass to win the super bowl it's that kind of thing.
Being a competitor I always loved winning and I think that wen hand in hand with being successful. If you want to win you're going to be successful and that's how you're going to get to your dream. For me it was planning in the NFL, working towards being successful in college and setting myself up to be playing in the NFL.




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