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Robert Griffin III on Why He Wears EvoShield

April 23, 2012

Robert Griffin III talks about his legacy and what it takes to feel protected in the game of football. Learn more about why RGIII chooses EvoShield.

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Robert Griffin III on Why He Wears EvoShield
Quarterback Robert Griffin III knows the value of being protected on the football field. That's why the Heisman Trophy winner wore EvoShield protective gear under his Baylor jersey during his time on campus.
EvoShield's Protective Rib Shirt features two custom-molded rib shields that slide into pockets. The shirt allows freedom of movement without limiting mobility. After conforming to the shape of your body, the shields disperse the impact from powerful blows. "When I got hit, I didn't feel it," RGIII says. "I could have ribs fully exposed, arms up, and I still felt protected." Learn more about EvoShileld's full line of protective gear.




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