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Darrelle Revis’ Off-Season Running Plan

March 13, 2009

Darrelle Revis, New York Jets Pro Bowl cornerback, explains how his off-season running routine helps prepare him for the long and difficult NFL season.

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Darrelle Revisâ Off-Season Running Plan


Darrelle Revis: I use running in my off season. I go to a track, a local track anywhere. Usually I work out of phoenix though so when I'm out there I find a track. To warm up I do four laps, which is a mile, and after that I run 100 meters to try to be like a track start but I'm not. Just go out there and try to maintain my speed. What I hate is gassers. I hate gassers. When the head football coach says gassers it just brings disaster to my brain.

So it's just something that I don't like. You line up on the football field on the sideline. You run from sideline to sideline which is 54 yards. You run up and back, up and back, that's one. Sometimes you've got to run them in like 34 seconds and that's very hard to do because basically it's a full sprint run and it gets you tired. When you run about seven or eight of those you're done.




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