STACK Performance Series 43: Improve Your Sprinting With David Oliver

June 1, 2012

Check out US Olympic Hurdler, David Oliver's speed training workout. Watch him perform the Tibia Raise exercise to build explosive power and increase foot speed.

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STACK Performance Series 43: Improve Your Sprinting With David Oliver

Goal: Better Sprinting

To get faster, sprinters must work on their strength, stamina and foot speed. Exploding out of the blocks and moving faster requires stronger calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

Training: Tibia Raise

Randy Hadley, US Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, stresses the importance of the Tibia Raise in explosiveness training.
The Tibia Raise is a simple yet effective exercise that not only strengthens the muscles required for explosive sprinting, but also trains the nervous system for rapid fire.
Sets/Reps: 3x10-15 seconds of fast twitches twice per week.

Results: Stronger Lower Legs

The Tibia Raise exercise improved Oliver's leg strength and foot speed before the 2008 Olympics, helping him secure the 110m hurdle bronze medal.




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