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STACK Performance Series 47: Improve Your Bat Control With Joey Votto

June 13, 2012

2010 NL MVP Joey Votto improves his bat control with the Overhead Farmer's Walk. You too can increase your at-bat percentages with this shoulder and grip strength exercise.

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STACK Performance Series 47: Improve Your Bat Control With Joey Votto
Bat control has never been a natural part of Joey Votto's game. But through intense strength training and serious batting practice, the slugger improved to a solid .315 career average. One way Votto improved his batting average is with the Overhead Farmer's Walk, a shoulder and grip strength exercise.

Goal: Bat Control

Bat control is the only weapon a batter has against a talented pitcher's calculated ball placement and pitch speed. By strengthening your grip and shoulders, you'll develop the necessary power to control your at-bat. With increased grip and shoulder strength, you'll be able to drive the ball into play, regardless of the pitch speed or location.

Training: Overhead Farmer's Walk

The Overhead Farmer's Walk is one exercise you can use to improve consistency at the plate. The exercise strengthens all the key muscles that affect your swing. Increase strength and bat control by performing the Overhead Farmer's Walk.

Overheard Farmer's Walk:

- In athletic stance, hold a barbell in each hand with arms straight overhead
- Maintaining posture, walk forward 10 yards and make 180-degree turn to left
- Walk 10 yards back to start, turn to right
- Continue for specified distance
- (Perform with light dumbbells or EZ Curl bar before advancing to full barbells)
Sets/Reps: 3x40 meters, 2x per week

Results: Shoulder and Grip Strength

This shoulder and grip strengthening exercise will help develop any batter's swing with technical precision, giving them confidence and power at the plate. For more information, check out: STACK Performance Series 4: More Powerful At-Bats With Joey Votto.




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