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Baseball Strength Training With Jimmy Rollins

August 14, 2008

In this baseball training video, STACK gives exclusive access to 2007 NL MVP Jimmy Rollins' strength training regimen. As one of baseball's best players, Jimmy Rollins uses strength training to amp up his game.

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Baseball Strength Training With Jimmy Rollins
Jimmy Rollins opens up to STACK about how important it is for athletes to stay in shape.
From a young age, Rollins' father motivated him to stay in shape with two important rules helpful to any athlete: focus on good technique in the weight room and < a href="http://www.stack.com/get-faster">get faster with endurance exercises.
Getting faster and stronger will always benefit any baseball player; therefore, to improve your maximum athletic performance, it is critical to improve your overall stamina during workouts.
In this video, Rollins discusses his current training regimen which focuses on core stability, body control and body awareness. Additionally, muscle memory and repetitive motion without resistance will allow the body to perform the same action with greater ease once resistance is added.
For more information, check out: The Sprinter Crunch With Jimmy Rollins.
Ultimately, according to Rollins, in order to be a serious athlete, you must be dedicated and focused in the weight room.




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