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Perfect the Alternate Dumbbell Incline With Reggie Bush

August 18, 2008

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush performs the Alternate Dumbbell Incline with coaching by Travelle Gaines, director of pro athlete development at Elite Athletics

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Perfect the Alternate Dumbbell Incline With Reggie Bush
Reggie Bush uses the Dumbbell incline press to improve strength and stability in the upper body. Each motion of the dumbbell press needs to have proper form to create stabilization for the muscles.


Travelle Gaines: Alternate Dumbbell incline press is super-setted with a push-up to row. The reason why we superset is just because the first part of the exercise is more of a strength exercise. The second part is more for endurance and it also helps out tremendously with core stability. When he's doing the incline press, he wants to make sure that he keeps his arms turned in to him so it's like he's in a punching motion.
He should make sure that he keeps his arms locked out, like so, instead of out wide, like this, punching while you're keeping the other arm locked out at all times. Great stabilization exercise for the muscles; four sets, ten reps.
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