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University of Florida Volleyball Dynamic Warm-Up Series

August 27, 2008

UF strength and conditioning coach Matt DeLancey talks about the dynamic warm-up series the Gators use before practice and games to get the body ready for competition
University of Florida volleyball team does Dynamic Warm Up to improve their flexibility. The dynamic warm up includes mainly running mechanics and quickness drills.


Matt DeLancy: A good dynamic warm-up is going to last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on how soar they are, what kind of shape they're in. The dynamic warm up we did today I believe lasted roughly 15 minutes. We do a lot of running mechanics so that when we do run they're mechanics are better when they run.
So we use running as part of our dynamic warm up. We do some basic quickness drills like today we did a forward roll to a sprint towards then end. Then we did a backward roll drop step sprint through and then we follow up with dynamic flexibility. Any research shows that a dynamic warm up is far superior to warming up and then static stretching.
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