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Behind the Highlights: Trent Richardson's 76-Yard Touchdown Run

July 30, 2012

Former Alabama running back Trent Richardson breaks down his explosive 76-yard touchdown run against Ole Miss and explains how his muscle-buidling workouts and pre-game fueling strategy powered this epic performance.

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Behind the Highlights: Trent Richardson's 76-Yard Touchdown Run
In the first episode of STACK's Behind the Highlights video series, Trent Richardson, former Alabama star and current Cleveland Browns running back, breaks down his epic 76-yard touchdown run against Ole Miss. During the play, Trent used his vision and explosive speed to juke defenders and cut all they way across the field before scoring one of his many touchdowns that game.
Trent attributes this impressive run to hard work in the weight room and his ability to Squat and Power Clean so much weight as a result. He also gives credit to his pre-game and halftime fueling strategy that includes eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drinking a Gatorade.
Find out how to develop your own game-breaking power by watching Trent's exercises videos:
-Elevated Reverse Lunge With Plates
-Dumbbell Push Press
-Kettlebell Lateral Lunge

Once you put these exercises together into a hard workout, make sure you recover properly by using Trent's Post-Workout Fueling Strategy, which consists of getting protein through grilled or baked chicken and carbohydrates through pasta or rice.




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