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Trent Richardson Elevated Reverse Lunge With Plates

August 1, 2012

NFL running back Trent Richardson demonstrates the Elevated Reverse Lunge With Plates and provides insight into how the exercise has helped him develop leg strength, sprinting power and grip strength to overpower defenders and protect the football.

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Trent Richardson Elevated Reverse Lunge With Plates
NFL running back and former Alabama star Trent Richardson teaches you how to perform his Elevated Reverse Lunge With Plates and explains how the exercise improves strength in his glutes, hamstrings and quads, which in turn makes him a bigger, stronger and faster running back.
By holding plates instead of dumbbells, Trent works his hand and forearm strength, which is key for a running back who needs to protect the football at all costs. By driving up explosively on each rep, Trent develops the single-leg power that makes him one the quickest or most explosive young running backs around.
See how Trent puts this added power to use when he breaks down his epic 76-yard touchdown run against Ole Miss, in the first episode of the Behind the Highlights video series.
Learn how to perform Trent's other power-building exercises:
-Dumbbell Push Press
-Kettlebell Lateral Lunge
Once he's done with these challenging exercises, Trent maximizes the benefits of his training through proper recovery nutrition. Watch him explain what he eats after lifting weights in his post-workout fueling video.




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