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Trent Richardson Dumbbell Push Press

August 1, 2012

NFL running back Trent Richardson demonstrates the Dumbbell Push Press and explains how the exercise develops the power and muscle that make him one of the most explosive backs in football.

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Trent Richardson Dumbbell Push Press
NFL running back and former Alabama star Trent Richardson demonstrates how to properly build strength and power with the Dumbbell Push Press. The exercise helps Trent improve his lower-body explosiveness and upper-body strength without stressing his shoulders as much as a barbell would.
By generating power with his lower-body and then pressing the weight overhead, Trent trains every muscle in his body to explode in coordinated fashion the same way it does on the football field. Once he puts this athleticism on display, amazing highlights like his famous 76-yard touchdown run occur.
See how Trent develops strength and power in his lower body specifically by watching his Elevated Reverse Lunge With Plates and Kettlebell Lateral Lunge exercise videos.
Once you've exhausted yourself with these exercises, make sure to recover properly with Trent's Post-Workout Fueling Plan.




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