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Reggie Bush Prehab Resistance Shoulder

September 4, 2008

New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush gets ready for a lift at Elite Athletics by warming up with the Prehab Resistance Shoulder exercise

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Reggie Bush Prehab Resistance Shoulder
Reggie Bush shows his workout warm up he uses to start his workouts. Travelle Gaines explains how these strengths help prevent shoulder injuries.


Travelle Gaines (Director of Pro Athlete Development): Typically before we start our workouts using weights, we like to really get the muscles firing as fast as they can. So we have resistance press, resistance rows and then shoulder resistance. The reason why we try to focus on upper body, especially the shoulders, is just because you always see so many shoulder injuries in football that that's the area players really have to be strong in because they're hitting their shoulders every single day.

These exercises, the players just standing straight up, driving their arms straight out and coming back up, keeping the arms straight out, coming back down every time. We go two sets of 30 seconds.




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